Who We Are?

At My Rainy-Day Company (MRDC), we understand that choosing a funding source is a delicate decision. We value our applicants and view each business uniquely, considering all circumstances. The principals of our company come from a small business background, so we understand the day to day challenges and what it takes to succeed. Our goal is to keep businesses thriving. We intend to build long-term relationships with all of our clients. We aim to provide an exceptional level of support to everyone who contacts us from applicants, through funding, and most importantly, post funding.

As our name implies, we’re here to be a shield for your business against difficult times. While growing up, many of us have been told to save money for a rainy-days, but sometimes our savings are just not enough. Because the world’s business climate thrives under a constant state of unrest, and only the fittest survive. When the storms arrive the kind of financial support you seek might just be what defines your business and set it on a path to longevity.

What We Offer?

My Rainy-Day Company (MRDC) offers irrefutable proof that conventional banks and equity partners have long ceased being the only resource for business capital. MRDC provides opportunities beyond conventional banking or giving up equity in your business you’ve worked so hard to build. To be sure that no business specifications are left unattended to, we provide many lending options that enable you to maintain full control of your business. Each of our clients’ businesses is treated with a high level of attention and care. Aided with the capital we’ve help you acquire, you can prepare your business for growth opportunities as they come without compromise.

MRDC offers the resilience you’ll need in terms of adequate financing in turbulent and challenging circumstances. Our fulfilment lies in the continuous success of our client’s business. We are relentless in offering the best solutions that meet your business needs. We can accomplish this KPI by eliminating uncertainty and increasing the abundance of your available options. Additionally, we work hand in hand with you by examining and helping you decide which financing options are most suitable for your business. Our only priority is your success.

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Qualifications Needed?

  • Must have a business bank account
  • $10,000+ in monthly sales
  • 500+ FICO

Items Needed Before Funding?

  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Business license or proof of ownership
  • Voided check for ACH wire to your account

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